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June 10, 2008


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breast enlargement

I just turned 50 and was recently divorced. Breast Gain Plus (fomer name of Breast Actives) helped me to make the single life transition and feel good about myself again. My breasts are bigger and firmer than ever and I want to tell every girl out there that Breast Actives made the difference!.


Ask your general practitioner and your friends for suggestions on surgeons. Get references from the surgeon and call his or her patients to see what they have to say about their procedure and working with the surgeon.


Thank you for your suggestions on how to pick out a plastic surgeon.


ontario dermatologists

Thank you so much for bringing up this i will apply those tips for sure.



Yes, it's a great idea to "look before you leap" in thinking about plastic surgery.

Here are the statistics for plastic surgery for 2008 from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Men and Women of All Ages Nipped and Tucked Less in 2008

Overall, women had 92 percent of cosmetic procedures in 2008. The number of surgical and nonsurgical procedures performed on women was more than 9.3 million, a decrease of 11 percent from 2007. Surgical procedures performed on women decreased by 15 percent in 2008, while nonsurgical procedures decreased by 11 percent.

Men had approximately eight percent of cosmetic procedures in 2008, with the number of total procedures (both surgical and nonsurgical) decreasing by more than 22 percent from 2007.

People aged 35 to 50 underwent the most cosmetic work in 2008: 4.6 million procedures, or 45 percent of the total procedures performed. The top surgical procedure in this age group? Liposuction. The top nonsurgical procedure? Botox injections.

People aged 51 to 64 had 26 percent of the cosmetic surgery procedures in 2008. The most popular surgical procedure in this group? Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). The most popular nonsurgical procedure? Botox injections.

People aged 19 to 34 had 22 percent of the cosmetic surgery procedures in 2008. The most popular surgical procedure in this group? Breast augmentation. The most popular nonsurgical procedure? Laser hair removal

Senior citizens aged 65 and older had six percent of cosmetic surgery procedures in 2008.

Teens aged 18 or younger had less than two percent of the cosmetic surgery procedures in 2008.

Among the teen set, the two most popular procedures were laser hair removal and nose job (rhinoplasty).

Traditional racial and ethnic minorities accounted for 20 percent of all cosmetic procedures in 2008. Hispanics had eight percent of the procedures, followed by African-Americans (six percent), Asians (four percent) and other non-Caucasians (two percent).

See for details.


permanent make up

These are great tips. Often times people just jump into plastic surgery without really doing the research.

Casey Johns

What, exactly, is a "bobbed nose"?
Can anyone share a reference? ...preferably to a source with photographs or sketches.
I ask, because I can find no references, in paper libraries or on the internet. Well, nothing except the following, which is obviously satire.
Or the following, which hints that a bobbed nose is attractive, but gives no reason why.
Further, I vaguely remember the news media discussing a fad, back in the 1960s, for women to get cosmetic surgery, to acquire a bobbed nose.


Hi Casey,

I think a bobbed nose is a general term from the 1950s and 60s that meant having plastic surgery on your nose to make it smaller.



IMHO, as a man, those breast implants are so fake looking that they are completely unattractive. I'd rather that women go with soft and natural, as mother nature intended. Of course, if it makes a woman feel better, it should be her decision to go ahead and get the implants. But I gotta wonder why so many women think that their natural shape is unattractive cuz it is not as firm and symmetric as their bra cups. Ladies... it is the bra cup that is unnatural and unattractive. Bras are intentionally designed for the purpose of showing a modest and bland appearance, with none of that fascinating droop, jiggle, or bounce. Makes you look like a sexless space alien girl. LOL! Of course, in a business, professional, or religious situation, modesty is good! But in other more personal and intimate settings, those abnormally firm and symmetric shapes are... well... positively alien-ating.

Terry Bayer

Hmm, the woman in your story probably doesn't get a true surgeon. It is really important to have a good specialist to touch your body. True enough, thinking twice should be done in finalizing your decision. That's why you should do your research. You can also ask a surgeon on the appropriate procedure to do. Have the decision well-done. Good luck! :)

Christina L

It is highly recommended to select a qualified cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in the procedure and is certified by his or her specialty by an appropriate board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialists.

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