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April 01, 2009


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Liz McLellan -

I'm so glad Alex mentioned yard sharing. Jamais Cascio called "peer-to-peer agriculture"

The site is free and we work to help people form and maintain yard sharing arrangements with their friends, family and neighbors. Some faith communities are starting to gather resources to grow extra fresh food for the hungry in their communities to supplement their kitchen and food collection programs.

Come by - we can get you going. The site is free and we have a ton of supportive people and materials to keep you growing!

What is yard sharing?
A distributed suburban CSA?
A hyperlocavore?


Hi Liz,

Thanks for your comment. Growing local food is such a great idea. I liked what you said in the video on your site -- food miles.

I'll join I'm just starting my garden this year. I'm making a raised bed. It would be wonderful to have someone help me lift the cinder blocks and bags of sand. (The sand is to put under the cinder blocks to help make them level.)


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