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April 12, 2009


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Holidays are like punctuation life that is. We may not remember what we did April 4, 1998 but we could easily remember what we did on Christmas, Easter etc on that given year. That is why I think holidays can be lonely for people, as they are remembered..and also happy memories


Hi Carol,

I agree with you about holiday memories. I don't remember what year the memories occurred of Easter that I wrote about, but the memories are clear.

I did need to remember the year when I wanted to post a photo of my grandchildren when they were two-years-old enjoying finding their first Easter eggs. I was able to find the photos, as well as the photo above from long ago, so I'm happy about that.

Thanks for leaving a comment on The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide.


A Palmer

My favorite Easter memory is of, oddly enough, the new dresses, shoes, hats and gloves my mother bought us girls to go to church in. Beautiful Easter colors, white patent leather, flowers and ribbons on the hats. New socks. I was a big tomboy back then and never liked having to wear that stuff, but looking back now it is a fond memory. We were decked out! Great question.


Hi A Palmer,

I can just picture you and your sisters in your Eastery finery. How many sisters do you have? I have two sisters; I'm the youngest of three. I have some great photos of us in our clothes from the 1950s and 60s.

Did you save any of the clothes? I just went to two turn-of-the-century fashion shows. They were amazing.


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