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June 26, 2009


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Kevyn Hagemann

Yeah, eating while driving can cause accidents! I had tried this before. I was eating burger, and drinking hot chocolate. I can't remember why my hot choco spilled at my pants. Of course, I was shocked because it was hot. Luckily, my Avenger from Dodge that I bought from one of the dealerships at Edmonton, has good brakes, and there's no car behind me when I gripped my brakes.

Marlene Henley

While driving, it is really not advisable to eat or do anything aside from it. A friend of mine once told me, "When you drive, you must focus entirely on the road and the car." I took note of that, and I always keep that in mind. I haven't been into any car accidents until now, because of that small piece of advice. Thus, your post is an addition to my knowledge too, and I'll also take note of these. Thanks!

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