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June 10, 2009


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I´m glad to see I´m not the only one who has been changing my sheets every other week! I guess I´ll have to step up my laundry habits.



It turned out to be an interesting topic, especially the tips to be careful handling laundry if someone in the family has a contagious illness.

Thanks for your comment.


Quitting Hair Loss

that bed-cover looks awful nice! congratulations guy!

deep fitted sheets

Once a week for me.


hmm... I usually change my bed sheets once in a few months which is about three times a year. It never occured to me I should change them more often. I think I´ll try once a month for a change:)


I think I´ll try once a month for a change:)


Once every five days unless I'm I'll in which case immediately following illness.


Thanks for your comment. I agree washing your sheets after an illness is a good idea.


party bags

Actually I am changing my bed sheets every other month. I enjoy reading your blog. And you have a cool bed sheets.

Memory Foam Mattress

Nice blog post...actually i was changing my bed sheets on twice a month..but after reading your i surly will change weekly....thanks for sharing useful information.. :-)


Wouldn't lemon juice be just as damaging as chlorine bleach? This is an honest question, not intending to sound snarky.


Hi Janet,

Lemon juice isn't nearly as strong as chlorine bleach, so it would be much less harmful to sheets than chlorine bleach.



I was reading once a week in the comments and was largely surprised to say the least, then I noticed all the posters were women.

I haven't changed mine in 2 months, to be honest, I only change them when I actually need to. Maybe that's why I'm single, haha.

No...but seriously, some other friends I know, don't seem to change them at all. I could have sworn I saw the same sheets for the last 5 years.

Anne Russell Jones

I change every 2 wks husband & I always shower b4 going to bed. I will try for 1 time a wk esp since my med change & the pain med keeps me awake. I'm shocked when I become aware of people going to bed without bath & shower in the am. I couldn't dream of that. I realize shower in am b4 work is ideal to be fresh & clean, when I worked I showered at night & fast wash up am & out the door. Now if I need to sign my life away to blog this I will have wasted my time.

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