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June 09, 2009


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jørgen jans hagen

Birdstrike. Geese are a ticking time bomb in flight safety at Copenhagen

Link. See Norwigian planes countries among hundreds of geese
Denmark does not acknowledge International ICAO aviation agreement The
Danish Government can expect billion dollar claims if a plane crash is
caused by birds, because the State has developed many bird sanctuaries
close to the airport in violation of the ICAO aviation regulations. Each
year Copenhagen Airport is bothered by several hundred birdstrikes. The
discussion about birdstrikes takes place behind closed doors, in order to
avoid scaring people away from flying.

Jørgen Jans Hagen


Hi Jorgen,

Thank you for the information. It sounds like more needs to be done. Who owns the airport, a government entity?



Interesting post. I thought the airport scare was pretty new. It didn't occur to me that there are these many airports that I should watch out for.

Prof.AshokVishnu chilakamarri

Quite useful for the students of civil engg
i referred this info to Viswabharathi Institute of technology and sciences at Ndergul,Hyderabad,Andhrapradesh India,because they are studying the subject "Airport planning and design in their final sem at undergrad level.



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