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August 25, 2009


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Baby boomers should think about investing in another area to be the safest driver they can be on the road – the speed and accuracy of their brain’s performance. Doing so will help keep the driver focused on the road and allow quicker decisions based on what is seen. Why? Because medical and science literature is clear that brain performance is very predictive of accident risk and can be improved with the right mental exercises (just like physical fitness is for the body).

I am CEO of Posit Science, the leader in clinically-proven brain fitness software. We recently introduced DriveSharp, a program that can improve driving safety that is recommended by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. There is a free online demo of one of the training exercises and a free evaluation at and a review at Walt Mossberg’s Wall Street Journal column


Hi Steven,

Thanks for the information. I'll check out the links.


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The consistence flowing of the fluidity that is just incomparable with any of the other competitor models, as the all new 2010 BMW 3-series model is truly amazing. It offers two door convertible and coupes, along with 4 doors sedans and wagons.

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Brain performance CAN help you in certain cases but if you accidentally get t-boned by a drunk driver or someone who ran a red light; your car better be up to car with crumple zones and all the bells and whistles. No amount of brain alertness will save you in those type of accidents and the car's structure will matter more than ever.

NRG Steering Wheels

This is a helpful blog especially for old drivers. It is a good thing that you sited car models that are safe for them, they really need it.

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