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November 04, 2009


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Linda Hampton RN MSN

I've never given any thought to the most dangerous time to drive. I can easily see why 5-7 are so dangerous. You pretty tired and stressed and most of the time the only thing you want to do is get home. The result is people can make some wrong choices about driving. It also seems like dealing with the time change is a factor. It's certainly a challenge to drive the first week after the time change when you feel like you've plunged into sudden darkness on your drive home


Hi Linda,

Yes, when I read the information about the most dangerous times to drive, I could see why dusk and the middle of the night would be the times when accidents increase.

I'm more careful now when I drive in the early evening.

Please visit again for more consumer tips and information.


Parker Mackowiak 

Very useful statistics, but I do hope most of our drivers get a hold of these, too. Perhaps most people believe that the probability of their figuring in an accident is low, or they think they're skilled enough to avoid it entirely. We must all realize that once we are on the road, given all the other users out there, anything can happen. We must always be prepared for that.

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