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December 14, 2009


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I think people appriciate wine as a gift, but the giver shouldn't be surprised if it isn't served that night. I'm sure a lot of households who don't know as much about wine would be happy to serve what the guest brought. Also I imagine a lot of people do enjoy receiving flowers - maybe the guest can offer to arrange them.


I think this "expert" is very "snooty." Wine for a gift is a nice gesture in my estimation. Flowers are always nice (you can ask someone to help find a vase if you're busy with your guests). Also, he's a guy and I don't like it when men-who can't relate as a woman-and don't know personally the challenges we face-tell us "what to wear." If the sweater makes u feel good, WEAR IT! It doesn't matter if it's "corny" or unsophisticated...there are fancy soirees for formal attire. Sounds like he's just trolling for "something to say." If he told us all what we were doing was fine then he really wouldn't have anything news worthy to say, would he? I think we can all use any holiday cheer we can get these days.


Hi Lisa and Suzi,

Thanks for writing about whether baby boomer women should wear their Christmas sweaters. This turned out to be a fun topic.

I agree with you about the wine and flowers. They're nice gifts for the host or hostess, except for a formal dinner.

Thanks, Suzi, for sending the photo of the glamorous Christmas sweater. It's beautiful. My favorite color, red.

Happy holidays.



I think the sweaters referred to don't look anything like the one pictured here. I'm thinking of those with the reindeer and such appliquéd to the front, and yes those need to be retired.


Hi Denise,

You're right. I added the picture in an update after I wrote the post. It's the glamorous type of sweater not the "raindeer-and-such-appliqued-to-the- front" kind.

I've asked for permission to use an example of the latter on my post, but haven't heard from the Web site yet. If they respond, I'll post a Christmas sweater of the type referred to by the guest on the radio show.


Term Paper

I think you should wear this Christmas sweaters to holiday parties because Its looks sparkly and elegant.

Tina Boomerina

Why would ANYONE wear a Christmas Sweater with silly reindeer or melting snowmen? They are so tacky. Tina Boomerina

Tina Boomerina

Oh, I just saw the red Christmas sweater. Wear that!

As to the gift thing: It's ridiculous and rude in some circles to bring nothing at all to a party. Not my circle. We're just happy that people show up at all.

However, I see nothing wrong with bringing a bottle of wine. There is no requirement that the host pour it that night. It is meant as a gift and can be drunk/drank/whatever (or used for cooking or poured down the drain) at a later date.

And, if bringing flowers, it is best to bring a small bouquet that is already in a vase of some kind. If not, the host/hostess must leave his/her guests to put them in water...etc. However, if the flowers are small and tasteful, they can be stashed in a corner. I agree that flowers might not be appropriate for a formal function.

It's nice to bring some little I don't know... little cheese spreader knives or whatever. But it depends on who you're hanging out with. In my suburban neighborhood, people seem to favor potlucks. I find it astonishing.

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