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March 11, 2010


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I saw this film a few months ago. Everyone who eats anything at all in America should be required to see this film.


Hi Rhea,

Thanks for your comment on "Food Inc."

I'm glad I finally got to see it. I missed it when it was in the movie theater here and when it came to the alternative theater.

It made me glad I get most of my food from our local food co-op and the Olympia Farmers Market.


Daniel Sonntag

You can all watch this movie instantly online if you have Netflix. It's a well-done movie and the information is unbelievable, but you see it for yourself. Amazing.


There is an interesting article at the Skeptic’s Health Journal Club about a former Pfizer microbiologist who claims she was infected during research by a genetically modified virus and is suing Pfizer. If you are interested there is more on it here,


Hi Paul,

I checked out the link you recommended. The information is highly troubling.



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your comment. I watched "Food Inc." on Ondemand through Comcast. Good tip for those who can use Netflix online.


organic delivered

That is how big chicken companies do. They will supply you everything from chicken, feeds and vitamins. your investment? is just a cage and maintain and feed the chicken. I would like to correct that is listed in number 1. They do harvest the chicken for 45 days and not 49 days.


I watched the trailer for Food Inc. Fortunately, the farmer is on it who made the quote about the chicken. He said 49 days. Here's the URL for the trailer:



I need to see this film. been meaning to see this before but never got the time, anyways I always make our own food and rarely go to fast foods hence I am not really that concerned but this should be something that we all needs to be educated in.

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