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May 27, 2010


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holy land tours

Good picks, but if it was up to me, i would add to this list places such as Paris, London, Bombay and so on. Memorial day is a great time to go abroad and have a short vacation.


The post is about places to travel in the United States. Yes, Paris, London, and Bombay are great places to travel. But, most baby boomers wouldn't be able to afford a short vacation on Memorial Day to places so far away. They'd make these trips when they had a longer vacation planned.


Surfing Costa Rica

Thanks for your time and effort to provide this vital information. I appreciate what you are trying to emphasize.

Darius Cartmell

Well, nothing like the Windy city on Memorial Day. All the eyes of the states right now are on Chicago. Well, it's either Chicago or Hawaii. Setting the famous resident aside, Chicago seems like an ideal choice for me at that time. The current government has broken a lot of ground recently, the first of every first has happened. So it would seem great to visit the origin. Moving on, I can't argue with the rest on your list. Yellow Stone Park, well, temperature has been a bit humid, but it could be a great idea to bring the kids there though. Might be fun.

villa pollensa

All these places seems great to go. personally i love going to Miami and spend some fun time with my family on the beaches.

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