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August 05, 2010


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Strapless seems to have been the in thing since 2000 but lace is coming back. I have seen more and more dresses with straps and lace, almost Victorian in style.

Margaret River wedding photographer

After all, its all about fashion and the comfortability of the bride who will going to wear the dress and show to the people how lovely she would be by that gown.

wedding dresses

I wouldn't say it's about fashion. I believe it's the culture that defines the wedding dress.

Hypnotherapy London

I think after the royal wedding the dress style will change. Strapless has been round for a while now and lace seems to be coming back in.

Personaly I think it is what suits you best that you should go for not fasion of trends.


Fashion...Fashion and only fashion!!!!!I believe it's the lifestyle that describes the bridal outfit.


Depending on the latest fashion the style changes and the choice changes. What ever the bride finds will best suit her and in which she will be more comfortable accordingly she select.


It's all about fashion and comfortability of the wearer. wedding is for a day in one's life.. the great the bride feels, the better and happier for her

dian joseph

well said!!


Lifestyle and curture can determine the type of a wedding outfit.

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