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November 10, 2016


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Tom Sightings

I'm a little nervous about the future, too, but I'm not buying your doomsday scenario. I'm counting on the checks and balances ... and possibly the hope that DT isn't as crazy as he sometimes seems.

Rita Robison

I hope you’re right. A friend thinks the Democrats will take over the Senate and House in 2018, so not too much damage will be done.

However, John Ladenburg, a former elected official here in Washington makes these predictions:

Trump won the election and the Republicans control both
Houses and also about ¾ of the States. Now we can expect the policies they have championed to be put in place. Those may well look like this:

(1) Re-stacking the Supreme Court with corporate conservative religious jurists who will overturn Roe v. Wade. The court will be super-conservative for at
least 25 years. Many red states will again outlaw all abortions.

(2) Repeal of Obamacare throwing up to 20 million people off heath care.

(3) A national right to work law, eliminating all
unions and wage increases.

(4) A national minimum wage that outlaws state
minimum wage laws.

(5) A national gun act that eliminates state gun
laws like the one just passed here.

(6) A huge increase in deportations including those
brought here as small children many years ago.

(7) A ban on Muslims entering the country with an
immigration and visa ban on all Middle East nations including our allies.

(8) A lowering of the corporate tax rate, even none
pay our current rate, but this will be a tax shift down to the middle class and below.

(9) Trump can immediately fill over 135 empty local
Federal judge seats, turning the local federal courts extremely conservative for decades.

(10) A re-structure of our foreign policy with a
tilt toward Russia and away from Britain, France, Germany and Canada.

(11) A cancellation of the trade agreement with
Canada and Mexico, possibly a trade war with them. Cancellation of the trade agreements with Europe.

(12) Withdrawal of support for NATO, leading Eastern
Bloc nations to tilt back to Russia.

(13) Trade war with China.

(14) The elimination of the Department of Education.

(15) The elimination of the Environmental Protection

(16) Reduction or elimination of the National Forest
Service and the sale of public lands in the West.

(17) The cancellation of all climate change
regulations and protection of the environment, more oil fracking and pipelines. Possible national law restricting state’s right to protect their environment.

(18) Reductions in Social Security benefits and a
raised retirement age to 75.

(19) Reductions in Medicare and elimination of the
prescription drug program.

(20) Defense spending to increase as a percentage of
the total budget.

That is just my top 20 of the things they have
talked about doing over the past 10 years. There are more.

If Ladenburg's list is true, I’ll spend most of the rest of my life under conservative “rule.”


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