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Big banks make huge profits while taking more than $2.5 billion in junk fees from struggling American families

As the Biden administration works to curb junk fees, big banks keep charging the fees while earning record profits and some even want to increase the fees. CitiGroup, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. – three big banks that continue to charge junk fees – announced Friday more than $26 billion in combined second quarter earnings. Read more →

Will customer service ever get better after the pandemic?

Although I’m used to the fact that customer service these days is abysmal, my experiences on a hot day Monday about made my head explode. I’m shopping for a new garden shed. I don’t have a very big space so I’m looking for a metal shed 4 feet by 6 feet. I like blue, so after lots of research, I headed off to Lowe’s with my contractor. Read more →

Hatch Baby recalls nearly 1 million sound machine power adapters due to shock risk

Another huge recall deserves your attention. About 919,400 power adapters sold with Rest 1st Generation sound machines are being recalled in the U.S. by Hatch Baby, with 44,352 sold in Canada. The plastic housing around the adapter can come off when removing it from an outlet, leaving the power prongs exposed and posing a shock risk to consumers. Read more →

Don’t store dishwasher pods in attractive, unmarked containers

Recently, I stayed with my daughter and her family at an Airbnb in Seattle. After we were there a while, I saw a big safety hazard: dishwasher pods were stored in an attractive glass container and placed on the kitchen counter. Dishwasher pods are dangerous for children and seniors who may think that they’re candy or some treat to eat. Read more →

Happy July Fourth 2024

It was great to wake up today and read The New York Times, as I do every morning, and see that there were no terrible decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court announced on July Fourth. The head of the Freedom Foundation, a conservative think tank, said in an interview that the second American Revolution is underway and it will be bloodless if the Left lets it. Read more →