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Pedestrians and drivers: Beware, parking lots are dangerous places

For the second time in the last few years, I almost hit a pedestrian in the parking lot of our local co-op. A woman standing beside my car, who I saw, and the woman in my blind spot, both yelled at me. They were mad, but I couldn’t see her. I’d carefully checked my mirrors, looked out the back window, and looked over my left shoulder. Read more →

What to look for in the new home buyer contracts

The National Association of Realtors settlement of a class action lawsuit, scheduled to be carried out by August 17, requires realtors to obtain buyer signatures on home buyer contracts. The $418 million settlement did away with the traditional agent’s commission of 5-6 percent, which should lead to more negotiation, more competition, and lower costs. Read more →

Bloggers are loving summertime this year

For most summers, my daughter Lisa, who lives in Madrid, visits me with her kids, Rafa and Cecilia. Although the visits are shorter now that the kids are older and want to spend more time with their friends, we had a great time. Fun times included a barbecue, swimming, walking in an arboretum and parks, dining out, and a July Fourth celebration. Read more →

Big banks make huge profits while taking more than $2.5 billion in junk fees from struggling American families

As the Biden administration works to curb junk fees, big banks keep charging the fees while earning record profits and some even want to increase the fees. CitiGroup, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. – three big banks that continue to charge junk fees – announced Friday more than $26 billion in combined second quarter earnings. Read more →

Will customer service ever get better after the pandemic?

Although I’m used to the fact that customer service these days is abysmal, my experiences on a hot day Monday about made my head explode. I’m shopping for a new garden shed. I don’t have a very big space so I’m looking for a metal shed 4 feet by 6 feet. I like blue, so after lots of research, I headed off to Lowe’s with my contractor. Read more →