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When you’re considering a side hustle, be realistic about what’s involved including the time commitment

As a fan of the FIRE (financial independence retire early) movement, I thought I’d try a side hustle, one of the FIRE recommendations. Since I have pinecones that fall on my driveway all year around, I decided to collect them and sell them on craigslist. I have two kinds of pinecones; those from European pine and Douglas fir trees. Read more →

Agency seeks comments on how you’re impacted by the data companies collect about you

Have you ever had a problem because of data a company has collected on you? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is launching an inquiry into companies that track and collect information on the details of people’s personal lives. It’s seeking input on data brokers and how their business practices impact people’s daily life. Read more →

Republicans gutting of federal regulations led to collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, watchdog group says

Republicans doing the bidding of Wall Street for years led to the current banking crisis. In 2018, Republicans led an effort, lobbied heavily by the financial industry, that resulted in a law, signed by former President Donald Trump, that gutted Dodd-Frank’s risk assessment safeguards for midsize banks. Read more →

Watch out for so called ‘full vehicle’ extended warranty protection

When you take two consumer problems, telemarketing and extended warranties, and put them together, it can result in disaster. The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement Friday in its case against American Vehicle Protection – who it charged last year with running a telemarketing extended auto warranty scheme that cheated people out of more than $6 million. Read more →

Nearly 2 million YETI coolers and gear cases are being recalled due to magnet problems

YETI is recalling about 1.9 million coolers and gear cases in the United States and 40,760 in Canada. If the magnet-lined closures fail and the magnets fall out, serious injury or death can occur if they’re ingested. When two or more high-powered magnets are swallowed, they can attract to each other, or to another metal object, and get stuck in the digestive system. Read more →