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Be careful in extreme heat to avoid heat-related illnesses and even death

It seems today that writing about extreme heat is strange. This weekend, I was so cold when I did yard work here in the Seattle area that I wore my extra-sweater-and-leggings outfit I wear for winter gardening. And, although everyone is warning about not to avoid heat exhaustion and even death, I’m going to write about it, too. Read more →

Facts and figures for Father’s Day 2024

It made me happy this morning so see so many loving stories about fathers on Facebook today, when Americans gather to celebrate Father’s Day or remember their dads who have passed away. Not everyone has positive memories of their dad and today may be a challenging day for them. Here are facts and figures for Father’s Day this year. Read more →

Happy Flag Day

As a supporter of government and a fan of red, white, and blue, I’ve written many times about the importance of participating in the political process and government so we can have the most effective governments possible. However, today on Flag Day, it’s difficult to be optimistic. The U.S. Supreme Court voted to overturn a ban on bump stocks. Read more →

After one death, Good Earth recalls more than 1.2 million lights

Here’s another huge recall that you and consumers throughout the nation need to be know about. Good Earth Lighting is recalling more than 1.2 million rechargeable integrated lights in the United States and about 37,800 in Canada. The light’s battery can overheat and ignite the light’s plastic housing, posing fire and burn hazards to consumers. Read more →

Bloggers consider life’s twists and turns

When I attended Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, during the 1960s, I took a class in consumer economics. It changed my life. I had gotten the idea from my dad about the importance of spending wisely, now here was a field of study and maybe a career in helping people make smart money choices. Read more →