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Research gives information for boomers to ponder in 2008

A PC or Mac for boomers?

After putting up with my 10-year-old PC, updated five years ago, it was time for a new computer. I wanted a Mac, maybe a laptop, but I just couldn’t decide.

Right before the Comcast technician came to install my high speed Internet connection, I decided getting the new computer was a must. I was worried that there might not be enough room on my old computer for the Comcast software. If my computer crashed, I’d lose years of valuable writing -- articles, short stories, and screenplays.

A friend, also looking for a computer, mentioned if you lose your laptop, you’ve lost your files. Yikes! I decided on a table top.

I researched PCs and Macs on the Internet. I read  Consumer Reports. It said that more software is available for Windows computers than for Macs, but Apple repeatedly scores best in technical support and has been consistently reliable for desktops.

That did it. I’d had some trying technical assistance with AOL, so good technical support sounded like a plus. I headed to the nearest Apple Store, an hour’s drive away at Seattle’s South Center, and bought an iMac. I received great customer service.

Things are going pretty well. It’s great to be technically updated; being able to be on my computer and have the voice mail pick up my business calls is a big plus.

However, learning the Apple will take a bit of time. I think I’ll buy Word for the Apple, since I’m used to using it for word processing. Pages is strange, although I’ve had a PhotoShop class and an InDesign class and finally remembered you can go back with Command X.

I did Internet research to find some articles on PCs versus Macs for this post. I found the Helium Web site, which has writers rate articles. And I saw discussions on Photo Talk Online and the Shelbyville (Tennessee) Times-Gazette.

Although everyone says this topic has been hotly debated, I had a hard time finding effective, up-to-date information. Have you seen any articles or reviews on PC versus Mac that you think are helpful to those debating what to buy? 

As to what’s best for boomers, it depends on a person’s needs and pocketbook. Thorough research is needed.


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Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you leave your website address in the URL field, it makes your name clickable so people can click on over to your blog, fyi.

I switched to Macs last year. Love my Macbook. Have a Mac mini for my desktop with my same keyboard and monitor I had before. Love them both, would never go back. (I have an external hard drive that I back up my laptop to, would never chance losing all my files!)

Google on switcher. or Mac switcher for good info on changing over to a Mac.


Thank you for the tip.

It's good to know you love your Macs. Although things are generally going well for me as a new Mac user, I'm having trouble figuring out a few things. One is how to get my Panasonic movie files to work on the iMac.

David Lindberg

Hi. I started reading your blog and as I have a similar one for baby boomers, I thought I'd include my URL. As far as pc or Mac, I have worked as a technical analyst for a large corporation for 22 years involved in everything from networking to Blackberries and have always used a pc and we use pc's as standard hardware in business. I have also, as a pc troubleshooter, have always been frustrated by the problems that have no apparent reason and the fix is usually reboot or reinstall. This last year I had to purchase something for my daughter for college and bought her a Mac. When it was delivered, I had a chance to play with it and I will NEVER... and I mean NEVER, no matter how good of a price, buy a pc again! This was even the lowest priced Macbook there is and I loved it!!!! I am soon going to purchase one for myself. I can't even start to list here all the reasons. I will search and put more info on my blog soon, so check there on occasion for info, but trust me... you will never be sorry about the Mac. One note, is that as I have always been involved with security at our business and anti virus software for many years, I wanted to make sure to find out if I wanted or needed to purchase anti virus software for the Mac. After a lot of reaseach and talking to Mac users..... you don't!! You DO NOT have to install anti-virus software..... Viruses are not written for Mac's and the operating system is written in such a unique way as it is not prone to virus attacks. Thanks for your good info on your site and I will continue to keep in touch.


Hi Dave,

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Also, I appreciate your listing my blog on your blog for boomers.

I'm enjoying my iMac. It's easier now that I've purchased Windows for the Mac.

I'm taking a video class, so I hope to be able to figure out how to post video clips to my blog.

I've been adding photos. I love photos.

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