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Check consumer guide for new car tips

If you’re buying a new car this year, be sure to read Consumer Reports’ April 2008 issue with its top picks and best and worst reports. Honda_accord_10443_2

Articles on who makes the best cars, reliability trends, what cars really cost, and extended warranties -– plus the new car preview -- also make interesting reading.

Ratings are available at for subscribers. Or, the magazine is available at libraries or can be purchased on newsstands for $4.99.


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Lisa Robison

Do you have any advice about buying a used car? We recently bought a used car at a good price from a friend, and 2 weeks later we had a $700 repair bill. Still, I think it fits our budget better than a new car would have.



See for information on used cars. It has an article, "Best and Worst Used Cars: Reliable Models to Look for -- and Troublesome Ones to Avoid," that is helpful. Other articles on buying used cars also are available.

You can also get a copy of the book, "Used Car Buying Guide," by the editors of Consumer Reports. The book has ratings for reliability and safety. It also offers how to buy tips, including: where to shop for a used car, how to inspect and test drive, how to negotiate effectively, what to consider in buying financing and insurance, and tips for buying tires. The book is available in libraries and bookstores.

It's important to get as much information as you can about the used car. Being informed and comparing options can save you money and avoid the upsetting experience of buying a bad used car.

Laurence Modithre


Thank you so much for introducing the link and the book! It's rather difficult to find a used car you can rely on, but it's much much affordable compared to new ones.

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