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Internet sites empower boomer consumers

Top 10 boomer sites offer consumer information, job lists, reflections, social opportunities

A PC Magazine article offers a list of what the magazine thinks  are the 10 best sites for baby boomers.

The sites are:

  1. A social network, with information and access to resources, to help connect Boomers Jfk_logo_5 who have similar interests, demands, and lifestyles.
  2. I Remember JFK. A blog dedicated to the reflections and life of the boomer generation.
  3. TeeBeeDee. Short for to be determined, a social network that focuses on helping mid-lifers feel like they can grow by sharing experiences and information with each other.
  4. BoomerGirl. A place for boomer women to find news, information, and community, including clubs such as The Single Files, D.I.V.O.R.C.E., Menopause Mixer, Bob Dylan said, and The Body Politic.Aarp_logo_beta
  5. (beta). The online version of the AARP Magazine, divided into categories of Health, Money, Leisure, Make a Difference, Family, and Online Community.
  6. Retired Brains. A job search engine for older boomers, seniors, retirees, and those about to retire, with options to choose a Career Channel (construction, education, PR, and others), research that industry, search the job openings, and build a portfolio.
  7. BOOMj. A lifestyle and social network for baby boomers and generation Jones that includes articles on health, travel, finance, decorating, cooking, and using technology.
  8. Boomer411. A news-aggregating site is like Digg for the older set, where you can bookmark and share favorite content, as well as submit content to be voted on by other users.
  9. eons. An online community where boomers can set up profiles, join groups, share photos and videos, and play brain games.
  10. Retirement Living TV. The online version of the Retirement Living TV channel, with health tips, discussion boards, and a video library that features bargain retirement places, interviews with famous boomers, and digital life stories.

Let me know if you’re a regular on any of these sites, other boomer sites, or if you sign up for one. I think I’ll try one, maybe

Tomorrow on The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide: Web sites to empower boomer consumers.


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Hi! I read I Remember JFK. It's a great nostalgia site. It's also part of a baby boomer carnival that I started with a site called LifeTwo. I also read the AARP blog.


Hi Rhea,

Thanks for writing about the boomer blogs you read. How to you find the baby boomer carnival? I think I've seen your site, LifeTwo, but I'll check it out again.


Art Koff

The RetiredBrains site has all kinds of information of value as well as links to other site that give additional information. I was particularly interested in what they had to say regarding senior moments and Alzheimer's.


Hi Art,

Thanks for the information. I'll check out RetiredBrains again to see what information they provide beyond job seeking.


Bob McDonald

Hi Rita

You are right on with the AARP link. I've tried eons too, but it's a little "fluffy" for my taste.

You might enjoy checking out, a site set up by Marc Freedman in association with his book, Encore: Finding Work That Matters in The Second Half of Life. It's fairly new but the vision seems to be for a network of active, "second career" boomers.

Bob McD


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.


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