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Green Web sites to help you green your life

More than half of all boomers in the United States, about 40 million, are “green boomers,” according to an AARP survey. These green boomers say they feel a responsibility to make the world a better place, the survey found. They buy environmentally safe brands and watch less television. Earth Day... Read more →

Lappe fears for the future; urges a living democracy

Frances Moore Lappe is a great thinker and a fantastic speaker. At Seattle's Green Festival Sunday, Lappe called the American’s exploitation of resources, a failed, dangerous experiment, pointing out that we’ve used twice as much of the earth’s resources since 1944 as in all of history. There are ideas in... Read more →

Moving from empires to life-centered, egalitarian, sustainable societies

The audience at Seattle's Green Festival cheered David Korten as he explained that it's possible to live in a cooperative, supportive society where the armies of empires are disbanded. Korten is author of the book, “The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community.” Tinkering at the margins of society’s dilemmas... Read more →

Celebrate what's working in comunities at Seattle's Green Festival

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to take in the Green Festival April 12 and 13 in Seattle. The emphasis is on how green means safe, healthy communities and a strong local economy. More than 150 authors, leaders, and educators will speak and offer workshops. There're also... Read more →