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Since I decided I could do a better job writing movies than Hollywood, I’ve taken two classes in film writing and written two full-length screenplays and 10 shorts.

Regal_coke_img_0345_2Part of the gig? Go to a lot of movies so you can learn more about how dialogue and drama are presented.

Since I was a frequent moviegoer, I decided to join the Regal Crown Club. I accumulated points and received one free movie and a free sack of popcorn.

Then I received a “small” free drink. I couldn’t believe it. It was HUGE. Regal Cinemas super sized me.

I wondered if Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 movie, “Super Size Me,” has had an effect on the American custom of giving larger and larger portions.

To test the impact fast food has on the human body, Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days while making the film. He ate three times a day and ate every item on the menu at least once.

Each time Spurlock was asked, he supersized his meal. Spurlock ate an average of 5,000 calories a day for 30 days. In addition to gaining weight, he reported in the movie that he had depression, headaches, lack of energy, heart palpitations, liver damage, mood swings, and a reduced sex drive.

After the showing of the film at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, McDonald's retired the super size fries and beverage from its menu. They were replaced with healthier foods. McDonald’s denied it took this action because of the movie.

“Supersize Me” received an Academy Award nomination in February 2005 for Best Documentary Feature.

It took Spurlock 14 months to lose the 25 pounds he'd gained.

McDonald’s brought back the super size beverage in the summer of 2006 and called it summer size, according to a Wikipedia article on the impact of the film.

McDonald’s issued a press release critical of “Super Size Me,” and it used advertising campaigns to counter the release of the movie in other countries. See the link above for details.

Have you been super sized lately? By McDonald’s? Someone else?



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That's actually the normal "Small" size at REG theaters. Nobody super-sized you. They might have (and actually should have, or else risked getting written up) asked you if you wanted to make it a medium for 75c more, though. But they clearly didn't. That's the "Small." Isn't that crazy?


Hi AnonEXRegal Employee,

Thanks for the information. I meant that Regal supersized me because they made the small so big.

It is crazy, especially since soda pop and potatoes are the top two things that make people gain weight.


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