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Green gardening, lawn care promotes good health

Boomers love to garden

Baby boomers enjoy gardening because they like making their homes attractive and it helps them relax. Gardening also provides a form of exercise for health-conscious boomers.
Rhodie Yellow IMG_0828 A survey by the National Gardening Association found that boomers make up about 64 percent of gardening retail sales, according to an Associated Press article.
With spending down for do-it-yourself gardening, the industry is targeting sales to boomers. Sales were $34 billion in 2006, a decline from 2005 and below 2001's figure of $37.7 billion, according to the association.
The gardening industry is selling tools that appeal to boomers, the article reports. They’re colorful; easier for aging eyes to see. And they’re ergonomic; delivering results for less muscle. The new tools are cushion-gripped and streamlined.
In another gardening trend, boomers are interested in going organic, according to a Washington Post article.
Traditional chemical applications remain popular. However, over the past five years the organic market has doubled to about 10 percent of the market for fertilizers and pesticides, Bruce Butterfield, research director of the association, said in the article. Boomers are well educated and not convinced about better living through the use of chemicals, Butterfield said.

Tomorrow's Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide will provide information on Green Gardening, Lawn Care Promotes Good Health.

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I agree, it is very therapeutic and a fantastic way to get some exercise and de-stress.


The weather is finally warming up in the Pacific Northwest, so I'm out there in my lovely organic yard pulling weeds. The rhododendrons and azaleas are so beautiful this time of year. I'll be posting photos soon.

Thanks for commenting.



agree. most of my friends at ---SeekSeniors.COM--- just also love to garden... (which is for over 40's and 50's baby boomers or senior citizen dating and have fun...)

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