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When we were getting ready for our Fourth of July party, I thought of two lists I’d read on the Co-op America Web site: Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again and Five More Things to Never Buy Again.

Avoiding the purchase of these items will help the environment, according to Co-op America. For each item on both lists, an explanation is given on why it’s harmful to you and/or the environment. Alternatives are given for each listing, along with the best option.

Paper Towels Napkins Silverware 2 2008 IMG_1542_2 Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again

  1. Styrofoam cups.
  2. Paper towels.
  3. Bleached coffee filters.
  4. Over packaged foods and other products.
  5. Teak and mahogany.
  6. Chemical pesticides and herbicides.
  7. Conventional house cleaners.
  8. Higher octane gas than you need.
  9. Toys made with PVC plastic.
  10. Plastic forks and spoons.

Five More Things You Should Never Buy Again

  1. Farm raised salmon.
  2. Rayon.
  3. Beauty/body care products with phthalates and parabens.
  4. Cling wrap.
  5. High VOC paints and finishes.

Click on the links above to learn more about the environment and health problems associated with these products.


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