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A historical look at cutting clutter
How to reduce your spending by $500 each month

Taking a look at clutter control for each room in your home

For one family, it was a messy mudroom. For another, their kitchen was a dumping ground. For a third family, their home office wasn’t working.

Other problems included a laundry room that wasn’t providing a space for exercising, a dining room that had to double as an office, and a daughter’s bedroom that was a disaster.

These six clutter problems from throughout the United States were tackled by a team led by Chip Cordelli, interior design consultant, for an article in Real Simple magazine.

See “America Gets Organized: Six Families Conquer Their Biggest Clutter Challenges,” which appeared in the October 2007 issue of the magazine.

When you get ready to deal with your clutter, having the tools you need will help you get the job done. The link above shows the storage containers, organizers, furniture, shelving, and other items that helped to organize these six problem rooms.

Check your local library for Real Simple’s October 2007 magazine.


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Kate Parker

Thanks for posting about this! Chip and I traveled the country for a good part of last summer in order to produce this story. We had great fun, met incredible families, and pushed our organizing skills to the limit! I'm glad to see people are still benefiting from all the hard work.


Hi Kate,

Thanks for writing to tell us more about your article. It was well done. Congratulations.

I like to write about clutter frequently because so many people have a problem with it. It was good to see the six families featured in the article make such terrific progress.


tom anselm

My wife and I are in the declutter mode. We have 5 of our 6 kids out of the house, and their stuff is going with them as they go. We still have some remnants downstairs, but every few months, we do a "gleaning"
all the charities have us on their speed dials.
....Come visit my site at


Hi Tom,

Congratulations on cutting your clutter. It does take work and determination. It's a good decision to get rid of your kids' stuff when they leave home. I still have some things that belong to my daughter in my garage.

I'll check out your blog.


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