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Internet offers valuable information for primary voters

Are you overwhelmed when you look at your primary ballot?

If so, in addition to asking people you know, you can use the Internet to locate information on candidates and issues.

Polling place Since I'm active in my community and a member of the League of Women Voters, I usually have information on candidates who are running for local and state offices. Judges, however, are a different matter. I usually need to check with knowledgeable friends.

This year I also used the Internet. There were some candidates for state offices that I wasn’t familiar with. Internet research helped with these and the judge candidates.

I read candidates’ Web sites and considered newspaper and organizational endorsements.

Primary elections have already occurred in many states.

Alaska, Florida, and Oklahoma are holding their primary elections today.

These states, territories, and the District of Columbia will be offering primaries soon:

  • Arizona – Sept. 2
  • Delaware – Sept. 9
  • District of Columbia – Sept. 9
  • Guam – Sept. 6
  • Hawaii – Sept. 20
  • Louisiana – Oct. 4
  • Massachusetts – Sept. 16
  • Minnesota – Sept. 9
  • New Hampshire – Sept. 9
  • New York – Sept. 9
  • Rhode Island – Sept. 9
  • Vermont – Sept. 9
  • Virgin Island – Sept. 3
  • Wisconsin – Sept. 9

Be sure to vote if your primary is today or if it’s on this list. It’s important for citizens to be involved and vote to get the best elected officials that we can.


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