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Heart attacks: What baby boomer women can do to prevent the No. 1 cause of death in women

Nearly 500,000 women die from heart disease each year. Thousands of baby boomer women are among them. While many women fear getting cancer, especially breast cancer, women are 10 times more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer. Since women may have different symptoms than men, they need... Read more →

AARP’s list of best employers for workers over 50 offers helpful information for baby boomers

In these tough economic times, baby boomers may be delaying retirement and working longer in their current jobs or looking for new employment opportunities. And, with layoffs mounting, more boomers are losing their jobs and are in the job market. The 2008 AARP Best Employers for Workers Over 50 listing... Read more →

Survey gives baby boomers information on who makes the decisions at home and which gender is preferred in seven jobs

It’s women who are the “deciders” at home, but people are mixed on whether they’re more comfortable working with men or women in positions of authority. Women call the shots at home In 43 percent of couples interviewed, it's the woman who makes decisions in more areas than the man,... Read more →

Baby boomer event ticket-buyers: BBB says to avoid

Plays, concerts, and sporting events are big draws for baby boomers. The Better Business Bureau is warning people who are trying to buy hard-to-get event tickets that they might have trouble when shopping online with Hundreds of complaints against, run by Las Vegas-based Event Tickets LLC, have been... Read more →

Baby boomers need to get real about their spending to survive the financial crisis

Financial adviser Suze Orman has said it before, adamantly. Stop spending and get out of debt. Today, on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Orman said it again, even more emphatically, and she gave her opinions on how consumer spending and corporate greed have led to our current financial crisis. Financial institutions... Read more →

What happened to regulations on investment banks?

It’s going to take time for any bailout of the financial markets to have an effect, Nomi Prins, former investment banker and author of “Other People’s Money: The Corporate Mugging of America,” said today on National Public Radio. That’s not good news. We’d all like this financial crisis to be... Read more →