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Boomer consumer alert: List of 20 potential problem prescription drugs now available from FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is offering listings of prescription drugs under investigation for potential safety problems. This information is helpful to the Baby Boomer Generation because nearly one-third of baby boomers take four or more prescription drugs for chronic conditions, according to a 2003 prescription drug survey by... Read more →

Manufacturers must strengthen warnings for four arthritis drugs: Cases of serious fungal infections being missed by health care providers

Knowing about the possible dangers of prescription drugs is important to the Baby Boomer Generation. Manufacturers of four drugs used to treat arthritis and other serious illnesses must strengthen the existing warnings on the risk of developing fungal infections in guides to prescribing medications developed for health care providers, the... Read more →

Most consumers eligible for free credit-monitoring services or maybe cash

The credit bureau TransUnion has agreed to provide free credit-monitoring services to millions of consumers in a class-action settlement. The purpose of the agreement is to settle claims that it illegally passed along private information for marketing purposes, according to Michelle Singletary, personal finance columnist. TransUnion has denied any wrongdoing... Read more →