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What kind of windows have you purchased recently?

My sliding glass doors are fogging up on the inside. It’s time for a replacement.
If you’ve had new windows installed recently, what kind did you get? Vinyl, wood, or metal? What brand did you choose? Has it performed well? Did you have terrible problems with any manufacturer? Does Milgard Windows and Doors make a good product?
Window IMG_3067 In an October 2007 article, “How to Choose,” Consumer Reports offers this information:

  • Weigh partial vs. full replacement. If the old window frame is structurally sound, think about changing only the window instead of replacing the entire frame to save on installation costs.
  • Pick a frame material. Vinyl and clad-wood windows are widely used. Aluminum windows have all but disappeared from window replacement because they readily conduct heat. Fiberglass is available in dark colors and can be painted.
  • Match your climate. Use Consumer Report’s Ratings to identify windows with the performance needed for your area.
  • Customize performance. Consider buying vinyl or fiberglass windows for areas near or below grade even though you're buying clad-wood windows for other areas. Termites and other pests find vinyl and fiberglass less attractive. Triple layers of glass can increase energy savings, but it also increases the window replacement payback period.
  • Check the warranty. Product warranties usually cover the seal between the panes of glass separately from the sash, frame, and other parts. They can range from one-year to "limited lifetime." It’s important to carefully read about the exclusions.

Is there anything else about purchasing new windows that I need to know?

Copyright 2008, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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Utah Windows

You do a great job of breaking down this decision into it's integral parts. Many times the wrong window is selected because people don't know what to exactly look for; but if the steps you outlined above are followed the proper window can be selected with ease.


Hi Utah Windows,

Thanks for your comment. Here in the Pacific Northwest Milgard Windows are highly thought of. I've had several contractors recommend them to me. They're made near here, so the contractors and the clerks at Home Depot say the company responds well to complaints. I have a concern, however, because half of Milgard's 10 companies throughout the U.S. have below average ratings with the Better Business Bureau. It appears the complains may be due to the fact that Milgard doesn't respond to the BBB when they contact the firm about complaints.



I just recently bought my Milgard Windows from and everything went really well. I highly recommend checking out their website.

Retractable Awnings

To protect your window from rain and direct sunlight(which is sometimes not good for the glass) we should use the awnings. There are a lot of them available in the market these days.


Hi Retractable Awnings,

Thanks for your comment.


William Gulliver

Windows with wooden framing are mostly resistant to moisture from the inside. I prefer that kind of window because it doesn't rust. Also, it can be very eye-catching and attractive when you paint it with bright colors.

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