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Familiar retirement planning techniques fit this financial crisis, analyst says

Suggestions abound for baby boomers on actions they should take during these troubling financial times.
Gail MarksJarvis, Your Money columnist for the Chicago Tribune, reports Americans have lost about $2 trillion in workplace retirement funds this year.
As baby boomers wonder what to do about retirement, MarksJarvis advises boomers follow typical financial planning advice in her article “Fighting the Shrinking 401(K): Investors Can Take Steps to Help Prepare for Retirement.”
Here are the steps she suggests:

  • Start by calculating how much money you’ll need each year in retirement.
  • See if you can afford it.
  • Save more.
  • Pay down debt.
  • Put money into the right accounts, and then withdraw it during retirement so you don't increase your tax bill.
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Isabella Coldivar

These are some very good tips. So many boomers are having to delay their retirement due to the current state of the economy -- these tips come in very handy!

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Isabella Coldivar
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Thanks for the comment.


financial planning for retirement

There are many more decisions that you have to make that are essential when it comes to financial planning for retirement and should be considered seriously. Keep in mind that the objective of these decisions should be to ensure that your retirement is comfortable.

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