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Baby boomers, seniors need to use caution when buying discount medical cards

With the economy in shambles and layoffs climbing, baby boomers and their parents may be tempted to buy discount medical cards to save money on healthcare costs. Don't be tempted by the cards unless you research offers carefully to determine how they can meet your specific medical needs. Discount medical... Read more →

Books for baby boomers

AARP The Magazine and Publishers Weekly are teaming up in "Books for Grownups" to let baby boomers know about the latest fiction, nonfiction, and lifestyle/self-help books of interest to the Boomer Nation. Among the current offerings are: Fiction "Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me" by Martin Millar –Millar's trip back to... Read more →

Bush seeks to slash energy, environmental regulations before he rides into the sunset

While the eight-year Bush administration has been devastating for consumers and the environment, it's extremely discouraging that Bush and his agency heads are working furiously to further weaken federal laws before they leave office. These new anti-consumer and anti-environment regulations could be difficult to undo, R. Jeffry Smith reports in... Read more →

Reforms a must in next four years for baby boomer consumers

Under the presidency of George W. Bush, the interests of the business community often superseded those of consumers. And time after time, scandals such as the Enron energy debacle and the sub-prime mortgage crisis, flashed across the front pages of American newspapers. What public policies are needed to get the... Read more →