How to reduce holiday stress
Merry Christmas to all

What to do about holiday blues

Are you feeling sad or lonely as the holidays approach rather than experiencing joy? It’s not unusual for the holidays to bring on sadness or loneliness because you aren’t able to be with loved ones, you’ve lost someone important due to divorce or death, you’ve overspent, you’re tired and worn out, or you’ve lost your job.

Some tips for reducing stress and depression are exercise, eat healthy food, watch alcohol consumption, write in a journal, meditate, focus on the positive, find company, host a party, try something new, or volunteer.

Here are resources to help you cope with holiday sadness or depression if you’re having trouble this year:

“Holiday Depression and Stress” --

“Battling Depression: Hope for the Holidays” -- WedMD

“How to Avoid Holiday Depression” -- eHow

"Holiday Blues" -- 

 "Does a White Christmas Make You Blue" --

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