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25 things coming back in 2009 are familiar to baby boomers

Ironing, mashed potatoes, recreational fishing and camping, and Amway are among the 25 things WalletPop, a finance website, thinks will make a big comback in 2009. Baby boomers will remember many of them, such as the meat product Spam, well.

Fishing 1012_10_16---Chesil-Beach--Dorset--England_web

The current state of the economy plays a big role in the list, which follows:

  1. The Sharper Image
  2. Amway
  3. Three-piece suits for men
  4. '9 to 5' as a musical on Broadway
  5. Brown bag lunches
  6. The Camaro
  7. Cheap foods
  8. Classic cocktails
  9. Glass baby bottles
  10. Music stars
  11. Home hair coloring
  12. Hungry Hungry Hippos and G.I. Joe
  13. Ironing
  14. Line drying clothes
  15. Mashed potato variations
  16. Non-profits
  17. Paying with cash
  18. Recreational fishing and camping
  19. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
  20. Savings accounts
  21. Sewing and DIY fashions
  22. Spam, the meat product
  23. Movie franchises
  24. Thick shoes, fringe hairstyles, and Uggs
  25. Lance Armstrong



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