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Academy Award nominated movies often offer violence and sadness, occasionally inspiration

What did you think of the Oscar nominations?

I haven’t seen as many movies this year as I usually do because I’ve been busy blogging.

I liked “WALL-E” a lot, as did my five-year-old twin grandchildren. I thought it was a good movie, but not great. I heard one movie reviewer call it one of the 10 best movies of 2008. I think Hollywood has the resources to be able to make movies of this quality all the time. However, it doesn’t. Time after time after time, I go to the movie theater and see mediocre, violent movies.

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is an enjoyable movie also. But again, I wouldn’t call it great.

“Changeling” is an average movie, I thought. The whole movie seemed to be centered on Angelina Jolie pursing her famous lips.

I enjoyed “The Duchess” because, being of English ancestry, I like stories about England.

I didn’t like “Tropic Thunder” at all. Neither did my daughter, who saw it with me. Too violent, too farfetched. I learned in my scriptwriting class that when you write movies, you should make them “over the top.” “Tropic Thunder” was way, way, way too over the top.

I’ll try to see more of the movies nominated and post about this again. However, I won’t be seeing “The Dark Knight.” As you can tell, I don’t like violent movies.

What are your opinions on the nominations?

See “2009 Oscar Nominations” in USA Today for a listing of the Oscar nominations.

Here a post about the movies nominated.

“Let’s Talk Oscars” – Slate.com


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