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Getting the retirement you want in these tough economic times

These difficult economic times are changing retirement plans for many baby boomers.

Tulips IMG_5801 Some boomers are delaying retirement. Others are looking at options for retirement that they hadn’t considered before, such as moving to a lower cost community or working part time.

Regardless of your situation, it’s more important than ever to set retirement goals, study options, visualize scenarios, and come up with the best workable plan that you can devise.

Here are ideas to help you with retirement planning:

Where to live

“Best Places for Baby Boomers to Thrive in U.S.” – A list of 20 towns based on criteria such as health care, dining out, low crime, cultural activities, weather, active lifestyle, average cost of living, and a range of home sizes and prices.

“How to Pick the Best Place to Retire” – Items to consider to select the best community for your retirement.

“15 Great Places to Reinvent Your Life” – A list of 15 appealing places selected by AARP for you choose from, then look for a way to earn a living there.

“The Dream of Retiring Where It’s Warm in the U.S.” – Basic steps for determining if you can afford to retire where the weather is better.

“The Dream of Retiring Where It’s Warm Abroad” – Things to consider if you want to retire overseas.


“AARP’s List of Best Employers for Workers Over 50 Offers Helpful Information for Baby Boomers” – A list of firms that may hire retired boomers.

“Boomers Looking for Jobs With Meaning in Retirement Years” – Encore jobs combine income and an opportunity to make a difference.

“Baby Boomer Women Looking for Options in Retirement” – How boomer women can have periods of work and leisure in retirement.

“Five Things Baby Boomers Need to Do Before Starting an Internet Business” – Tips to think about before you take the plunge and become an Internet entrepreneur.

“Boomers Head for Exotic Locations to Work Instead of Retire” – A job overseas offers a way to travel and earn money.

“Job Hunting Tips for Boomers” – A list of articles and Web sites to help boomers find jobs.


“What Are the Housing Needs of Baby Boomers as They Grow Older” – Different types of housing that will help boomers age in place.

“Plan to Age in Place, But Consider Backup Options, Too” – The benefits of being able to stay in your own home as you grow older and the importance of thinking through other options.

Retirement planning

“10 Top Retirement Tips for Boomers” – Important items to think through in preparing for retirement.

“Familiar Retirement Planning Techniques Fit This Financial Crisis, Analyst Says” – Steps to take to help prepare for retirement.

“New Retirement Ideas Shake Old Beliefs” – A new way look at retirement because people are living longer and are healthier and more vigorous in old age.

“Baby Boomers Putting Their Retirement at Risk by Helping Adult Children” – Why it’s important to take a look how much you’re helping your family financially.

“Life Coaches Are Helping Baby Boomers Create Better Lives” – How a life coach can help you figure out what you want to do in retirement or improve your retirement living.


“How’s Your Health? Study Says Boomer Health Worse Than Previous Generation at Same Age” – Why taking care of your health is important to the quality of your retirement.

“Optimizing Your Retirement: Health, Financial Tips for Boomers” – What boomers can to do about their health and finances to have a better retirement.

These are the retirement topics I’ve been writing about since January 2008. Are your boomer consumer retirement challenges covered here?

If not, let me know what retirement information you’d find helpful.


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