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April 25, 2009


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Great work...

Your Blog posts are increasing in clarity, quality and personality in an almost unlimited way...

And as someone who has for decades held their breath in the gardening section of department stores, it's about time that everyone better understand why!

After World War II all the chemical companies that built bombs needed a new market for their poison. That's when they force-fed us the notion that rich lush weak green leaves overeacting to nitrogen poisoning was actually a sign of more abundant and fertile health in plants...

They've been poisoning us for too long and Obama's organic garden... The second that first shovel went into the White House lawn spelled the beginning of the end of modern industrial poison-based agriculture.

India is the best example of not only resistance to modern agriculture, but also how it destroys culture and community. In recent weeks in India, there's been over 1,500 suicides because of crop failure because modern agriculture depleted the soil and aquifers and no one grows with natural rainfall and natural fertilizer anymore. They are all bankrupt and suicide on a mass scale has become their only solution!

Here's to the beginning of the end of all the topsoil ruining, watershed poisoning, livestock damaging pseudo-science of munitions sales, I mean modern agriculture!

Be well, Deane


Hi Deane,

Thanks for your comment.

When I was growing up, it was amazing to see how the colleges were involved in promoting the use of pesticides. The experiment stations and field staff were heavily involved in telling the farmers when to use which pesticide.

They're doing better today with the Master Gardner programs and at least some research and work on organic gardening and farming.

My parents used DDT in our gardens. My mom would line the small trenches she made with it when she planted radishes.

I wrote this post because it was the daily assignment from the ProBlogger in his 31-day e-mail workshop to write an opinion piece. I've written opinion post before and I've urged people to begin organic gardening, but this is my strongest "Don't use pesticides" post.

Long live the trees,


This is great, you have all the bases covered! I had no idea pesticides were so bad!


Hi Eve,

Yes, the research studies have been out for quite some time now, but the pesticides continue to be sold in pretty packages without adequate information for consumers.

Thanks for your comment.



Great article, I'm so sorry to hear about your father. People don't take the harm of pesticides seriously enough. As you have just proven through personal experience, it's not something to be taken lightly. I agree with you that pesticides should be avoided whenever possible -- and I think a huge part of the reason that people do not avoid them is due to being unaware, lazy to find alternatives, or do not want to spend the money.

However, there are TONS of natural alternatives out there for probably every pesticide! I definitely recommend everyone to gain a little knowledge on the topic, and go natural before harming yourself or your family:

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