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High-income earners moving their businesses to resort towns

It’s appealing to many baby boomers these days.

Chairs DSC04474 Move your business to Florida, Colorado, Nevada, or Wyoming, resort towns and ski areas that once were seen as places to vacation or build your second home.

The Internet, wireless technology, and the availability of airline flights are making it possible for high-income earners to move from city centers to fabulous vacation spots.

Personal income data released in April by the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows tourist towns are becoming more wealthy, the Associated Press reports.

Here are the top 20 high-income counties in the United States, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

  1. Teton County, Wyo. – $132,728
  2. New York – $120,790
  3. Loving County, Texas – $99,593
  4. Pitkin County, Colo. – $93,465
  5. Marin County, Calif. – $91,483
  6. Fairfield County, Conn. – $81,576
  7. Westchester County, N.Y. – $74,878
  8. San Mateo County, Calif. – $71,753
  9. Morris County, N.J. – $71,713
  10. San Francisco, Calif. – $71,342
  11. Somerset County, N.J. – $70,949
  12. Alexandria, Va. – $70,632
  13. Arlington County, Va. – $68,270
  14. Fairfax County, Va. (includes Fairfax City and Falls Church) – $67,909
  15. Montgomery County, Md. – $67,525
  16. Bergen County, N.J. – $67,125
  17. Hunterdon County, N.J. – $66,449
  18. Sully County, S.D. – $64,352
  19. Blaine, Idaho – $64,207
  20. Collier County, Fla. – $63,276


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