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Will you be growing food this year?

Gardening is such a good way for consumers to grow their own organic food and cut their food bills. It also saves energy because the food doesn't need to be transported to the consumer.

It’s time to figure out what I can get done for gardening this year.

Rhodies Pink Three IMG_7802 My last year’s plans for gardening didn’t materialize as I’d hoped.

I’d also like to plant fruit trees in my yard. But figuring out what kinds to grow in the Pacific Northwest is tricky.

I live in Olympia, Wash. Since we have so much rain in Western Washington, fruit trees don’t grow as well as they do in Central Washington. The Wenatchee and Yakima areas are famous for their excellent apples and soft fruit.

Also, the soil is different here. I remember digging in the sandy soil when I was growing up along the Columbia River in the Wenatchee area. The soil in my yard is clay-like. Is doesn’t drain well.

I plan to have apple, apricot, fig, and Asian pear trees. But this isn’t the time of year to plant the trees.

I’m certainly inspired by Michelle Obama’s planting an organic garden at the White House.

How about you? Have you already planted your garden or will you or will you be planting it this week?

I just returned from a vacation. The rhododendrons in my yard are beautiful. I have about 40 of them.

The weather is great today, sunny and 70 degrees. A good day to visualize and plan my garden.

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Account Deleted

Yes we are planting more vegetables and holding off on the next rose bush. Garden seeds have been flying off the store shelves around here. For more on saving money by growing your own follow this link.


I think currants and blueberries and gooseberries would do well for you.


Hi Hattie,

Thank you for the great suggestion. I love blueberries, almost as much as raspberries. I have a couple of places in my yard where the rhododendrons have died and I could plant them.

I have clay soil. Would I need to enrich the soil to plant blueberries?


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