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Study finds baby boomers, Gen X face health-care cost hurdles

Twenty-five percent of Americans say they had difficulty paying for health care in the past 12 months, with the baby boomer and Generation X age groups leading the way, according to a study published by Thomson Reuters.

The study, which tracks the impact of the recession on consumers' health-care behaviors, also found that baby boomers and Gen Xers are 3.5 times more likely to postpone care due to the cost than are older Americans.

Older Americans, who have the access to Medicare, are less affected by the economic downturn when it comes to health care, the study reports.

The analysis is based on a telephone survey of more than 3,000 households conducted from April 21 to May 3.

Thomson Reuters is a research organization providing information for businesses and professionals.

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Beverly Mahone

I actually wrote a blog about baby boomers and healthcare a few months back after learning that many were not purchasing the recommended prescriptions due to the high cost of the medicines. The entire healthcare system needs to be re-vamped because it has been allowed to run amuck for so long. What's even worse is the fact that there may be fewer health care professionals in the future to address all of our needs.


Hi Beverly,

I agree that the health care system needs to be changed significantly.

I'm distressed the protests and opposition are delaying the progress that's being made. So many people are in need. We must do better.


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