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More than 135 animals surrendered at Connecticut’s first amnesty day for exotic pets

Among the 135 animals turned over to state officials Saturday at Connecticut's first exotic animals amnesty day were 15 boa constrictors, 15 pythons, seven alligators, a small monkey, a rattlesnake, and an anaconda. Most of the animals were exotic reptiles. The state Department of Environmental Protection's hosted the event at... Read more →

What you need to know about retirement planning in 2009

Last fall, fall I bought Kiplinger’s Retirement Planning 2008 magazine. With articles such as "Retire Worry-Free," "Protect Your Nest Egg," "Plan Now," and "Live the Dream," I thought there would several articles I could blog about. However, when I picked up the magazine a few weeks after I purchased it,... Read more →

The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide Recall of the Week: Buster Brown & Co.’s clog children’s shoes

About 1.4 million Buster Brown & Co.’s clog children’s shoes are being recalled, reports the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. About 73,000 pairs of shoes were previously recalled in April 2009. Manufactured in China and distributed by Brown Shoe Co. Inc., of St. Louis, Mo., and its affiliate Pagoda International... Read more →

How to find out about what’s happening with health care reform

Unsure about health care reform? You needn’t be. There’s plenty of information available for consumers to learn about the proposals and lots of time to let members of Congress know their opinions. Three of the five Congressional committees working on legislation to reinvent the nation’s health care system have delivered... Read more →

The health care debate: Who do you trust to decide whether the red pill or the blue pill is best?

Yesterday I wrote I was reassured by the direction the overhaul of the health care system is taking after watching President Obama’s press conference. I listed 10 points that he made that I thought were positive. However, one topic he discussed seems to me to be problematic. Obama wants the... Read more →

Were you reassured by President Obama’s press conference today on health care?

Health care reform is crucial to baby boomer consumers. Baby boomers are one of the top groups that are having difficulty paying for health care, according to a recent study. Like many Americans, I’m worried about what’s going to be adopted. Although I think the changes will be an improvement,... Read more →