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How important is price when you buy?

Do you use the Internet to compare prices before you buy? Do you shop at Wal-Mart to get the lowest prices? Do you like Ikea furniture? Do you belong to a warehouse club such as Costco or Sam’s Club?

Money Bills 04_28_50---US-Dollar-Bills_web Price is important to me when I shop. I compare prices before I make major purchases and enjoy getting a great deal at a sale.

But Ellen Ruppel Shell, author of the book "Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture," argues cheap goods have replaced medium-quality products, and this is detrimental to people throughout the world.

Shell, a professor of journalism at Boston University, said large multi-national corporations such as Ikea have a low profit margin and make money by selling to millions of customers.

With this business structure, companies cut corners and, as a result, the environment suffers and workers in third-world countries are exploited. And, all that stuff needs to be shipped across the sea to be sold.

Shell, who was interviewed today on KUOW’s The Conversation, said Wal-Mart offers one-third of its items at low prices, while the other products in the store are one-third higher than other stores in the region.

She called for the return of quality products with a reasonable price tag.

And Shell said governments need to address the environmental degradation and poor working conditions that result from the production of cheap goods.

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I love Ikea´s style and have bought a lot of nice things there, but I also have a bed and dresser that constantly need adjustments. I like buying kids´ clothes at Target and the quality is fine. Even though we are a family of 4 we don´t go to Costco or similar stores since we don´t have space to store the large quantities. At the moment we are traveling in Spain and I am surprised by the poor quality of the battery operated toys here. It doesn´t make sense to buy something cheap if it breaks the same day.


Hi Lisa,

I think Ellen Ruppel Shell is right about cheap goods. When I was growing up, furniture was more substantial, often made out of laminated wood rather than particle board.

Before the plastic age, toys were more substantial, too.

Thanks for your comment,

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