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How to cut your own hair


For his first post on WalletPop, humor writer Marc Acito, pictured above, tackled the topic of saving money by cutting your own hair.

Acito's tips include:

  • Shave your head with clippers, if you’re male.
  • Avoid the Flowbee Vacuum Haircut System.
  • Stick with a single color rather than trying highlights.
  • Select a one-length haircut, because it’s the easiest one to manage.
  • Buy a quality pair of hair-cutting scissors.
  • Cut a little at a time to avoid a big mistake that can’t be corrected.

I’ve never been brave enough to try cutting my own hair, although I trimmed my daughter’s bangs when they were young.

My mom cut and permed my hair and my sisters’ hair when we were in grade school. The results were usually O.K.

If you really want to try cutting your own hair to save money, here are resources to help you:

“How to Cut Your Own Hair” – eHow

“Be Your Own Hairstylist: How to Cut Your Own Hair” – Life123

“Cut Your Own Hair” – Planet Green

“How to Trim Bangs” –

“How to Layer Cut Your Own Hair” – Howcast

“How to Layer Cut Your Own Hair” – eHow

“Guys: How to Cut Your Own Hair” – Associated Content

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Great info!
I have found some more great articles:

Check them out for more info.


Hi Denise,

Thanks for the additional articles on how to cut your own hair.

It's amazing. This is turning out to be one of the most popular articles on my blog.


Alex Campbell

Great articles. Here are some other great haircutting solutions.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for letting us know about your haircutting Web site.


Term papers

I really want to try cutting my own hair to save money. You have some Informative resources to help me. Thanks for sharing.


This is what I do to cut my hair, it comes out perfect

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