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The health care debate: Who do you trust to decide whether the red pill or the blue pill is best?
What were the best and worst consumer experiences you had this week?

How to find out about what’s happening with health care reform

Unsure about health care reform?

You needn’t be. There’s plenty of information available for consumers to learn about the proposals and lots of time to let members of Congress know their opinions.

Pelosi Three of the five Congressional committees working on legislation to reinvent the nation’s health care system have delivered bills:

  • House Education and Labor Committee
  • House Ways and Means Committee
  • Senate Health Committee

The two house bills are nearly identical. You can read a copy of HR 3200 by going to the Library of Congress Web site.

An analysis of the bill, the “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act – Quality Affordable Health Care,” and other information is available on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Web site.

Here is background information to help you understand the various health care proposals:

“House Democrats Introduce Bill to Provide Quality, Affordable Health Care for All Americans” – Committee on Energy and Commerce

“Senate Puts Off Healthcare Bill Until After Obama’s August Deadline” – AHN

“Paying for What Works: A U.S.PIRG Policy Primer on Health Care” – U.S.PIRG

“Health Care Reform” – The New York Times

“A National Healthcare Reform Primer” – Los Angeles Times

Check out these organizations working on overhauling the health care system for information and ways to take action:

Healthcare-NOW! – An education and advocacy organization that advocates for the passage of national, single-payer healthcare legislation as in HR 676.

National Coalition on Health Care – A nonprofit group made up of more than 70 organizations, which is working to achieve better, more affordable health care for all Americans.

Public Citizen – A national, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization that represents consumer interests in Congress, the executive branch, and the courts.

U.S.PIRG – A federation of state public interest research groups that works to win concrete results for the health and well being of consumers.

AARP – A nonprofit membership organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives.

Universal Health Care Action Network – A grassroots organization working at the local and state level to build the political power needed to ensure that future health reform enacted in the U.S. provides affordable, quality health care for all.

Stand Up for Health Care – An organization that empowers ordinary Americans with the knowledge and opportunity to become leaders in the movement for health care reform.

Consumer Union’s Prescription for Change.orgA campaign by Consumers Union for safe, affordable, effective prescription drugs.

Unions for Health Care Reform – A mobilization team of the AFL-CIO, working with a broad alliance of grassroots organizations to win progressive reform and give millions more union members the information and tools to become active players and health care voters.

Raising Women’s Voices for the Health Care We Need – A national initiative working to make sure women’s voices are heard in the health reform debate and women’s concerns are addressed by policymakers developing national and state health reform plans.

Copyright 2009, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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