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10 best cars for older drivers

Top 10 cheapest cars to own and operate


The more information consumers gather, the more likely it is that they’ll negotiate a good price, obtain the best financing available, and purchase a car that they can afford.

However, being affordable is more than what you pay, reports the article “10 Cheapest Cars to Own And Operate” on It includes other costs such as insurance, fuel, maintenance, repairs, and depreciation. Your costs also will vary according to how you use and take care of your car., an automotive Web site, offers a True Cost to Own calculator, which estimates total five-year cost and the cost per mile based on driving 15,000 miles a year.

Here are the top 10 cheapest cars to own and operate, according to

1. Hyundai Accent GS

2. Nissan Versa

3. Chevrolet Aveo5 LS

4. Suzuki SX4 Sedan

5. Pontiac G3

6. Mazda3 iSport

7. Honda Fit

8. Pontiac Vibe

9. Toyota Yaris

10. Nissan Sentra

Is your car on this list? My Honda Accord didn’t make it.

My next post will be “Top 10 Cars for Older Drivers.”

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Honda Dealer Atlanta

Surprised to see Honda at #7 at the list. I used to have a 92 Accord with over 150k miles and it ran fine besides from regular maintenance. Those cars can just go and on...

Tyra Shortino

Hmmm... This is one interesting list. Yay! My car made it here. My Honda Fit is easy to operate. I love the fact that it's compact but has ample space inside for both passengers and luggage.

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