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September 05, 2009


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My worst job was on the litter patrol when I was 14, cleaning trash from the highways with other teenagers, though I did make a lifelong friend there. A tie for the second worst job are all the short term food service jobs I've done - a hip cafe, fast food, snack bar at the zoo. It didn't matter, I hated them all! I guess I'm not cut out for that type of work.

My best job was working for the housing department at the University of Washington for 5 years after I graduated. I liked working with students and continuing in the university environment.



Thanks for your comment and letting me know about your worst and best jobs.

I would have liked to work in a fast food place. My friends in high school worked at the local burger joint in the days before McDonald's. I thought it was a better job than working thinning apples in the orchard. I lived six miles from town on an apple ranch, so I wasn't able to get those city jobs.

Another one of my classmates worked in the soda fountain at the drug store. I thought that would be a good job, too.


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