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Recall of the Week: Trudeau garlic duo slicers

What were the best and worst consumer experiences you had this week?

Recently, I launched a best and worst consumer experience feature on The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide.

I think looking weekly at these experiences helps us learn from our successes and mistakes.

Here are my most and least successful consumer transactions for this week:

My best consumer experience: Finding masks to wear on the airplane

Walgreens 024

When I to Walgreens to look for masks to wear on upcoming airline flights, I found a package of the usual thin masks that I’d seen before.

The sales associate told me there were others at another location. I couldn’t find them, but she directed me to the right area.

I found two masks by US Germicide Technologies Inc. that said they would protect the wearer against swine flu, avian flu, seasonal flu strains, and other germs.

I’m glad I persisted and found the better masks. I’ll try them on my trip and see how they work.

My best consumer experience: A bothersome cell phone user

Post Office Miami 061

My trip to the post office was going well. The line was short, and I was about to have my turn.

Then a woman entered, got in line, and began talking loudly on her cell phone. She complained about how hot the post office was and gave a friend or relative advice about what she should do about people in her family moving.

Suddenly, the man behind me turned around and left the building. The woman moved right up next to me and continued talking loudly.

Finally I had my turn. Before I left, I spoke to the woman and told her that her cell phone conversation had been disruptive. She said she was sorry. I appreciated her apology.

Copyright 2009, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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