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How to take photos of fall colors
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Fall colors: My best photos for 2009

The fall colors in and around Olympia, Washington, captured my attention in the last few weeks. I took 1,500 photos.  


Thank goodness for digital photography. It would have been too expensive to take that many photos on film and have them all developed.  

Despite variations in weather, I was able to get 100 great photos. Although cloudy days are supposed to result in excellent photos because the fall colors pop out, my best photos were taken on sunny days. 

I was out photographing several times at twilight. The pink sky is so great this time of year. When I was out at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, I watched the beautiful sky for about half an hour. The rosy hues suddenly faded and turned into gray, grainy clouds.  

Here are some of my best photos this year. Enjoy.   


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What a lovely slideshow! You make Olympia look like such a gorgeous place to visit. Well done. I'd like to see photos others have taken from other parts of the country.


Hi Lisa,

I'm glad you enjoyed the slideshow of fall color photos. It was quite an effort to sort through 1,500 photos to find the best 100.

I enjoyed taking the photos, especially going to the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. I was involved with citizens' groups that worked on conserving the Nisqually Delta during the 1970s. It was great to think about the extraordinary efforts of hundreds of citizens to save the delta. Hurrah for citizen power!


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