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Recall of the Week: Folding director’s chairs sold at Lowe’s

What were the best and worst consumer experiences you had this week?

Recently, I launched a best and worst consumer experience feature on The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide.

I think looking weekly at these experiences helps us learn from our successes and mistakes.

Here are my most and least successful consumer transactions for this week:

My best consumer experience: Buying a puzzle for my grandchildren

TJ Max 1 

T.J. Maxx has good prices. I was able to find a large puzzle for my twin grandchildren, age 5, for $6.

It’s a large puzzle, three feet by two feet, that you put together on the floor. It’s called Let’s Learn Numbers. One side is brightly colored. The other side has the same pattern, only it’s black and white. Washable color crayons are included to color the black-and-white side.

The twins, now in kindergarten, said it would be too tiring to color it now. They’d wait until they have more time during Christmas vacation. The twins such fun and such a joy.

My worst consumer experience: My metal shingle roof


I’ve written before about the problems I’m having with my Custom-Bilt vail metal shingle roof.

When the first roof was installed, it leaked due to a manufacturing defect. The replacement roof leaked in the same way. However, Custom-Bilt isn’t willing to stand behind its product.

Now I’m trying to find a knowledgeable roof inspector to inspect the roof.

The consumer complaint goes on.

Copyright 2009, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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