Thanksgiving 2009: Facts and figures
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Giving to others on Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving is a time of love and joy, when we gather with family and friends to give thanks for our many blessings.

Although you may be busy with holiday preparations and money is tight for most of us, it’s a good time to remember, for those who are able, those who are less fortunate.

Here are some ideas for giving to others on Thanksgiving:

  • Donate a Thanksgiving meal or food items to your local food bank.
  • Visit older relatives or friends who are in nursing homes. If your relatives are far away, call a local nursing home and ask about residents who would be cheered by visitors.
  • Make a donation to your local women’s shelter.
  • Find out if you have any farms nearby that have community supported agriculture programs and join one. Consumers buy shares in the farm and in return receive boxes of produce during the growing season.
  • Volunteer at a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and others in need in your community.
  • Volunteer your time and vehicle to deliver meals or to drive people to community Thanksgiving dinners.
  • Donate items or money to second-hand stores.
  • Do research and find out ways you can help Native Americans in need.
  • Organize a fund-raising effort at work to help those in need on Thanksgiving or donate if a program or project already is in place.
  • Invite extra guests to your Thanksgiving dinner, people who are alone or neighbors who may have lost their jobs.
  • Be sure to check out any organization you’re considering donating to at the Better Business Bureau Web site and the agency in your state that registers charities.

Have a joyous Thanksgiving Day and holiday.

Copyright 2009, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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