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November 05, 2009


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Oh my gosh, those recipes with candy sound so good! They have made me so hungry, I'll have to have lunch early. Luckily I have already finished my favorite candies from my kids' Halloween stash. I may have to buy some more to try the recipes :)


I want to make peanut butter cup cookies so badly.



Hi Readers,

Thanks for your comments and letting me know that you thought the recipes sounded great.

Thank goodness our next holiday is Thanksgiving with healthier food.


Harry Bronson

Indeed, all good ideas on how to use those leftover candies! Eating them as a snack is fine too, but be sure to brush and floss after each snack, to keep teeth cavity-free. It might also be a good to schedule your visit to the dentist around this time, too, since there's a lot of candy to eat on Halloween!

Bulk Candy

Using it up for crafts is always a great idea! Especially when it can be eaten later. The snack ideas are really clever too.


It might just be the kid left in me, but every time I hear someone say dole out the candy throughout the coming months I feel outraged. Those kids "earned" that candy! :)


Hi Lily,

I don't agree at all. Letting kids gorge on their Halloween candy is another way the eating of junk food in America is out of control. Kids with diabetes. It's a national tragedy.


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