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December 20, 2009


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mold removal products

This is a dangerous thing and all readers must now be cautious of this,never thought in this light before.


Yes, this recall, one of the largest in the history of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has brought out the information that children can be strangled in the chords on Roman shades and roll-up blinds.

All parents of young children should be aware of this hazard.


Carmina Collins

This is a warning to parents who still have small children to avoid using roll-up blinds and roman shades to avoid accidents. Let's just look for other safer window treatments for our home or better yet, make sure children won't play with it or get hold to it.

Andy Hughes

We had yet another instance of this occuring a short time back in the UK, but it's not one of those things that hits national headlines.

How are people supposed to be aware if it's not made public and high profile.

How many children have to suffer before someone mandates a change in the design requirements!

I've been selling blinds for many years and I always make families aware of the risks but I know I'm one of few.



Hi Andy,

Good for you for educating consumers about this hazard. I've told parents about the danger of blinds and shade cords, but some just shrug it off. I guess they apparently think it could never happen to them. As you point out, injuries and deaths do occur from cords on blinds and shades.

Thanks for your comment.


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