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Top 10 gifts to avoid giving the woman or man in your life
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How to have a fantastic, fun Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day will be here soon, a day for lovers, partners, and spouses to honor and acknowledge the one they love and their relationship.

Need some ideas on how to have a wonderful celebration? Here are tips to help you make this year’s Valentine’s Day the best ever.

Most consumers will be spending less this year on Valentine’s Day than they spent last year. See the article “Consumers Cutting Valentine’s Day Spending This Year” for ideas on how to buy affordable gifts for the big day.

If you’re still debating about what to buy for a gift, see the article “Top 10 Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day” for suggestions.

While you’re mulling over the possibilities for gifts, be aware that some gift choices aren’t popular with women and men. See the article “Top 10 Gifts to Avoid Giving the Woman or Man in Your Life” for some gift ideas that could draw a frown rather than a smile on Valentine’s Day.

Also be aware that scam artists may try to get your financial information by sending a fake e-mail or to “sell” you flowers but never deliver them. See “Watch Out for Valentine’s Day Scams” for more information.

Best wishes on Valentine’s Day. I hope your celebration will be terrific and you’ll be able to experience great joy.

Copyright 2010, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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Valentine Gift Store

Thanks for posting these useful links about Valentine's Day. Now, Valentine's Day is being celebrated in several other countries and that may result in a lot of valentine gift ideas in the future.


I'm glad you found the links helpful.


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