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What’s going to happen to health care reform NOW?

Like many consumers, I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for the adoption of a new health care reform law. It’s badly needed. Consumers are going without treatments because they can’t afford insurance for medical bills and because insurance companies say they have “pre-existing conditions.” Consumers also are being overcharged,... Read more →

Five financial tips for baby boomers

What long-term financial goals should baby boomers have or strongly consider?It’s not that any particular age is significant, but your stage in life likely will affect your goals and desires. offers these five suggestions: Get out of debt: Ridding yourself of debt is important as you transition from your... Read more →

Recall of the Week: Tylenol, other popular over-the-counter drugs due to musty smell

Several hundred batches of over-the-counter drugs are being recalled by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNEIL-PPC Inc. The drugs include Children’s Motrin, Children’s Tylenol, Benadryl, Extrastrength Tylenol, Motrin IB, Regular Strength Tylenol, Rolaids, Simply Sleep, St. Joseph Aspirin, Tylenol 8 Hour, Tylenol Arthritis, and Tylenol PM. McNeil Consumer Healthcare initiated... Read more →

What were your best and worst consumer experiences this week?

Which consumer happenings cheered you recently and which ones made you want to scream or weep? Here are my best and worst consumer experiences this week: My best: A great shopping trip at Costco for a party Needing food and drinks for a birthday party for 6-year-old twins, my daughter... Read more →

Attention TV watchers and bloggers: Get up and move around

Sometimes when I’m intent on blogging, I sit an hour or two or more without getting up. That’s not good for your health. On the National Public Radio program Science Friday today, David Dunstan described research which showed that people who watch television for four or more hours a day... Read more →

Although bank CEOs apologize for mistakes, they’re still engaging in reckless practices

Numerous newspapers throughout the country reported that bank CEOs apologized for mistakes they made that led to the Great Recession when they testified before a federal commission investigating what caused the financial collapse. However, Public Citizen, a public interest organization, reports banks are still engaging in reckless practices. Robert Weissman,... Read more →

Boomer Project predicts what life will be like for boomers in 2020

Matt Thornhill, co-founder of the Boomer Project, wrote a thought-provoking article, “Viva the Vital!: What Will Next 10 Years Bring?” for the Richmond Times Dispatch in Richmond, Va. In the article, Thornhill said the watershed event “of the past 10 years” was the day in April 2014 that Congress moved... Read more →

Top 10 scams of 2009

Many of the top scams of 2009 sought to take advantage of people who were suffering under tough economic circumstances, such as the unemployed. Here is Better Business Bureau’s list of last year’s top scams: 1. Acai supplements and other "free" trial offers – Ads offering trial offers for teeth... Read more →